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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 20, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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hommeds the russian rubble and if the economy collapses you got vodka. >> that's it it thanks for joining us. have a good weekend. >> heart breaking in the case of two hikers. shane bower and josh fattal were sentence to eight years in prison. they were hoping they would be released. i amuma in washington. julie ban deras is following the story. despite calls for leniency. shane bower and josh fattal reach reportedly sentenced to three year in prison for illegal entryy to the islamic republic . five years in prison for espitonnage. under islamic law it is pushable by death.
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>> they were arrested along with sarah shraud. and iranian police arrested them and saying they illegally entered iran. we got word from the state department and a spokesperson releasing a statement saying they are trying to work to confirm the reports about the eight year sentence and it has called for release of two men adding that shane and josh have been imprisoned too long. the hikers pled not guilty and say they unknowingly walked across the border to iran. the time they have spent in custody is enough. sarah slaud which is bower's fiance was released for medical reasons and returning to the united states after 410 days of solitary confinement and there was word that hikers were going to be released and the rumors were rejected and
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iran's foreign minister hoped it would result in the hiker's freedom. there is doubt expressed about their relea . in the early stages, they told fox news he is disappointed by the verdict and it does not mean they will serve eight years meaning in the world of iranian politics, that the fact they are sentenced. iran can move on to policy actions as opposed to judicial ones and could open the door for release as well the hikers by the way 20 days to appeal the sentence and we are awaiting a statement from the white house and that should be coming in later today. >> thank you for updating the story. >> turning to other newings, jobs are the weeklyy address. the president is saying
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members of congress need to set aside their differences . they are live on martha vine yard. we hear that even from vacation, the president is pressing republicans on ward. >>reporter: absolutely hitting them. they say sort of a traveling white house if you will. aides say that the president is trying to work in the mornings and get national security briefings and in the afternoon we see him get out and had a little family time with his daughters, go to the book store down the street and played golf in the afternoon. he was playing in a golf club where they allow cam ras. we were able to get pictures of him there in the golf cart playing. he had taped his radio internet address that you can see during the week while he was out on the bus tour and taped it from the heart land in illinois and basically hitting the same theme that we
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heard all week. he believes it is because republicans are blocking his agenda that progress is not made. take a listen. >> i think our country would be better off if our elected leaders showed displinn and integrity and responsibility that most americans demonstrate in their lives every single day. we need folks in washington and people whose job it is to deal with the country's problems and people you elected to serve we need them to put aside their difference to get things done. >> you hear the president there getting ready for the rhetoric of the 2012 campaign and painting himself as an outsider and talking about washington as if he's not a leader in washington. he said in the last week of the bus tour he would run against the do nothing congress if they don't get it done. but the republicans run the house and the democrats run
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the senate and the president is in washington. it will be a delicate balancing out to sell he is outsider even though he is president. and no doubt about that. the republicans are hitting him hard about leadership. >> the ohio governor in the weekly republican address said he believes that republicans are trying to work with the president. but the problem is an absence was presidential leadership. take a listen. >> divided government is no excuse for inac. we have had our fair share of grid lockk in the 1990s. our differences may have been stark but president clinton and his team worked with us to do what is best for the country. there is no substitute of leadership from the president of the united states. >> i had a mac man stop me here today saying he wants to know how much it is costing taxpayers . the white house hasn't
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released that. on the other hand, the hotel we are working out that had a sign that they believe the thank . for the president's visit. he deserves a break. >> it is a place where you can get rest and relaxation. it looks great. thank you. >> good to see you, too. >> thank you. will she or won't she? a new web video is fueling speculation on whether or not sarah palin will join the contest. it looks like something made by a campaign and if you ask karl rove he thinks she's running. >> she has a schedule next week that looks like that of a candidate and not a celebrity . the video she released yesterday, you know, she made a surprise appearance in the iowa state fair and now
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releases seeing you next september 3rd. this is her last chance. she gets in or out after the visit next weeknd i think she gets n >> there you go. karl told "fox and friends" that sarah palin promote the video and labor day speech at a tea party event in iowa. >> tea party voters playied a large part in helping presidents get elected. what impact will the tea partiers have for the race for the white house. joining us is dick army and a leading voice in the tea party movement. >> nice to be with you. >> no doubt tea party voters thope influence the 2012 race. is it more of a chadge in voters who want to know who to
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back like michelle bachmann and perry and palin. >> not for the tea party activist as the party regulars. they have a intraparty intrigue . the tea party activist by nature is a independent and patient to wait and see how the candidate might prove themselves out and who else might enter the race. they have a clear understanding of what they are lookking for from either party is a truly committed and effectively hard working constitutionallyy limited small government conservative that really understands how economies work and how our economy is best served by a government that restrains itself and they are patient to wait for that candidate to emerge and then commit to them. they are 3million strong and a move thament is growing by the way and getting younger and yes, it is going to impact the
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next election. especially when you realize in the primmary, and finally in the general it is that final marginal vote that makes the difference. the independent voters, that every political seek to ooh require. >> the independent voters is definitely someone that the candidate want to atrack. is rick perry a game changer and most to gain from their support? >> no, he has a lot to gain as do any of the candidates. he doesn't necessarily have the support of the tea party act vastes. they will examine the record in a greater levell than in the past. there is thing to be proud of. for example, i would make a direct connection by texas leadership with rick perry as governor, and tort reform in health care and growth of the
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health care industryy in our state. if you want to talk about a connection of public policy and job connection there is a good connection and he can be proud. but the social activist has rezivationn he will have to work hard to demonstrate a commitment to all. >> but those who say much michelle bachmann and rick perry may splinter the support. >> they have been hoping for that for a long time. the left, in fact, all of the establishment. but the tea party is in fact a fragmented set of groups from all over the country and each paying attention to their own state and community and yet with an eye on the national level. in the final analysis. every candidate out there has chance to win support that they can from these activist just as they must in their own party or if they can at all. >> lett me ask you this.
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what about the fact if mitt romney becomes the gop nominee. can the tea party unite behind him even though he doesn't necessarily agree and his prince pels don't mesh with the debates was tea party activist. >> first thing that any republican nominee has going for them with respect to how attractive will i be to the tea party act vaste. he's not obama. these folks have an abject fear of obama and the only people who rejoice in obama's incompetence. the left is whining and bitterly disappointed because the president is incompetent . the tea party look at his incompetence that is the only blessing with obama. thank the lord he too incompetent to do what he would like to do. >> are you waiting for a possibility of the a sarah palin jumping in the race, and are all bets off if that
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happens? >>y i am reflective of most of the tea party. will she get in and demonstrate an appeal. we are content to watch her and wish her the best of lug be. it is a rickorous contest. you are talking about the found eggal principles and you will not get that unless you show if you are a person blessed with the office and duty and responsibilitiy you will deliver with degree of competence and commitment. one thing tea party activist do more than the political part activist do, is we have high standards. performance and commitment standards for a candidate that we would choose. >> thank you so much for joining us and thank you for coming from the great state of the texas. >> it is your turn to weigh in. do you think the tea party has peaked or will it impact the
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2012 election. e-mail us and tweet your answers to: and i will read responses later in the hour. it is reveal would congresswoman gabby giffords know how nows who died. the arizona newspaper said she was begin the details just days before capitol hill to vote on the federal debt ceiling. they were with holding that information until she was stronger and among those who were killed was long-time aid and judge john roll and nine year old christina green. >> if news that north korea leader kim jongg il is in russia. he is scheduled to meet with the russian president to discuss assistance and
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diplomatic support. north korea is under pressure to restart the nuclear negotiations. and libyan rebels are celebrating a victory as word surfaces that qaddafi is preparing to leaf libya. rebels gained control of a coastal town. the rebels capture of that town puts pressure on qaddafi who has ruled for 41 years by cutting tripoli off from the main road linkk . published reports are say thag qaddafi is possibly heading to tunisia for exile. the libyan foreign leader said the government is open to negotiations to end all of the fighting. >> back in this country. deadly flooding claimed the lives of one woman and two children. rain fell at up to four inches
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an hour and totally submerged cars in nine feet of water. a family that was killed was trapped in a car that was totally under water and pened to a tree. what appears to be a tornado killed a man near greenbay, wisconsin. thousands of people are without power at this hour . there is storm action in the tropics. harvey is gaining strength as it heads to central america and meteorologist maria molinia has more that and the day's forecast. >> we are tracking tropical storm harvey with sustained winds at 60 miles per hour and higher gusts. if you get a stronger gusts, you can be looking at hurricane-force winds and that is something that we are concerned about. it ised head to central america and landfall is expected to be this afternoon . impacting guatemala by late tonight.
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it is moving west at 12 miles per hour and bringing in heavy down pours in northerns of honduras and belize . so that will be causing some life threatening flash flood and mud slides. otherwise it will be heading westbound . over portions of guatemala and quickly we can see it heading out in the next couple of days it is not just tropical storm harvey. we have two tropical waves that has the potential to develop in to something more. they are 400 miles of the lesseran stilles that has a high chance of being a tropical depression or storm. it will move westbound and impact haiti and uma, over the u.s.. we have a strong system in the
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midwest producing down pours in chicago and delays was two hours reported in the airport and none much that rainn reaching texas that is dealing with drought and triple-digit temperatures. >> thank you for the forecast. >> new video from the deadly stage collapse in the indiana state fair. take a look. unbelievable moment. fair goer used his phone to capture the image of the chaos. a 22 year old college was the sixth victim to die from the injuries. first lawsuits were filed on behalf of two other victims. >> getting hit with cancer is difficult enough. but what happens when you find out medication you need is not available. the u.s. is in the midst of a record shortage of drugs and the government is scrambling to find a remedy.
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carolyn has more. >> they are every day drugs used to treat breast cancer and colon cancer and bacteria infection. cancer patients are not getting med and hospitals are cancelling chemical trials. they are a couple of dollars a pill. but the price increased to 20 times that . now the federal government is looking to act. they are considering to having a stock pile for drugs. they will stock pile the dry and send them out to pharmacist . the house and senate bills would require companies to give advanced warning. here's the why. inspectors have found contamination problems with batches of drugs that could kill a patient. so many are made in foreign plants and the food and drug
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administration don't inspect. companies are not entered in making drugs that have a low margin. >> a group of doctors hope to emport medicines soon and eventuallyy make them, themselves. >> things said on the campaign trail have many onering if the candidates have their facts correct. fact checks for the contenders . what happened here on a gas station that goes up in flames. that's next, stay with us. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i?
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>> welcome back. why a tanker truck exploded while fueling a station. it is not clear who the victim was. smoke from the sevees of explosions could be seen for 10 miles . here is fear of rising unemployment taxes and rising debt and rising energy
12:24 pm
dependence on nation that is intend us harm. >> the latest contender to join the gop race, rick perry is making a splash with remarks out on the campaign trail and are all of his comments factually correct. lori robinson is the managing editor and looks at perry's statements and michelle bachmann. thank you. >> i know what gets said on the campaign trail can be exaggerate taken out of context and we see it. we are starting early this year . sound bite we heard from rick perry. where is he correct or not. >> sure. what we had focus in the rising energy dependence on nations that intend us harm. he is talking about under president obama. it is not true that our dependence on foreign oil went
12:25 pm
up. it is the opposite and went down. net imports have gone from 57% of total consumption in 2008 to 49 percent in 2010 . expected to go down again this year . so that part is wrong. and then he said nations to intend us harm. he didn't specify which nations. our net imports from middle east and africa have gone down. >> what about michelle bachmann who made oim statements including the infamous one where she wishes elvis presley happy birthday on the anniversary of his death. she talked about two dollar gas lin and giving obama a blank check. >> she has said that a lot. >> listen to what she had to say about that. it was very important that we not raise the debt ceiling
12:26 pm
consider what happened. congress gave barack obama a blank check for 2.4 trillion dollars. >> we are glad you are here. good to see you, great, the weather couldn't be better. >> there she is talking about the blank check and the whole issue of the fact that we have concerns right now. what is the real story here. >> she said that several times and the debt ceiling agreement and giving obama a blank check. that means unlimited spending and that's not the case. the agreement was for 2.1 to 2.4, a lot of money and a set amount . obama can't just spend it the way he wants it is new borrowing. >> you have to be aware and check your sources. >> check variouses and if it doesn't sound right, it may
12:27 pm
not be. it is not hard for them to check itut on. we hope to help them out at fact >> we'll check with you throughout the campaign and we'll keep them honest. >> take care. >> majority for the opponent was health care law. reaction from texas attorney general greg abbott who was one of the 26 states to file a lawsuit . kim kardashian will walk down the aisle today. find out if the reality star will drop her last name. that's after the break. gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice.
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>> two american hikers that have been detained since 2009 finally learned their fate . peter doocy is standing by with the top stories. >>reporter: iran sentenced the men to eight year in jail on charges of illegal entry and espinonage. it is not clear if that includes time served. the west memphis three are released today under a unusual plea deal. prosecutors agreed to the deal after new evidence casts doubt on their conviction. >> survivors on the norway massacre returned to the scene.
12:32 pm
1,000 survivors are expected on the island today. it is kim kardashian's big day. she will marry chris humphreys in near santa barbara,ical. will the star dropper had famous last name. kardashian said at home i will be mrs. humptryies and out on the street i am kim kardashian. >> i am gladd i am not prepared. thank you very employ. a barrage of bad economic news and market turmoil and a decline in treasury yields have some predicting a double dip recession. we are standing by with the latest. cheryl, what can you tell us. >>reporter: just the mention of the word is enough to make markets shaky since the down depraid of the s&p on the credit rating and the dow lost will you points on thursday and friday and feel four percent.
12:33 pm
one of the catalyst was investment banker morgan-stanly. they warned that the united states had a 30 percent chance was falling in recession . on thursday they got out of riskier things like stocks and went in to safe places like gold and u.s. treasuris and then bill gross atimco yesterday, he said that fact that they flocked to treasuries means another recession and the united states is running out of options not what ben bernanke want to hear right now. this next week fed officials meet in jack upononh-- jackson, wyoming. sure enough in november 2010 they did that and the markets loved it. if you look at last year at
12:34 pm
this time august 201 e. markets were down and talking about a helicopter . helicopter ben stepped in and september, which is usually a bad month for the stock market was a great month for stocks . uma, it is different this year and this time. there isn't seem to be more that they can do. many people in the markets are saying stim tim was a band aid and what the economy needs is major stimulus. any stim tim is not what the markets are going to want to hear. they like it temporarily always need more. >> the roller coaster continues. >> and catch more of cheryl monday through friday when she anchors at 12:00 noon on the fox business network. >> important role of freedom for limited government. they are calling the ruling
12:35 pm
from the second court of appeals. forcing every american to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. greg abbott is joining us now on more on all of welcome great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> despite what you are saying, the white wight contends that it is constitutional to force everyone to buy health insurance. how do you feel about this? >> well, you know, they have said this since the day barack obama signed the bill and we went to a federal district court for the initial hearing on this . in fact nancy pelosi and harry reid and barack obama ridiculed the claimms and said no chance of getting a court victory. we got a federal court districtt judge to strike down obama care and we have a federal court of appeal to strike down obama care it is clear that the obama administration is getting concerned about this. the most important thing, that
12:36 pm
is the fact that taxpayer dollars are used in texas and across the country to begin to build out the obama care programs and the variouss state to comply, we need to insure they are not wasted anymore and we need to get this matter to the u.s. supreme court as quickly as possible so the entire country can know if this law is going to stand or stricken down as unconstitutional. >> the panel of judges in the sixth circuit court of appeals ruled that everyone buy insurance is a valid exercise under the commerce clause. what do you think of that argument? isn't court that texas and other 25 states were in. the court held to the contrary and pointed out there is no precedent in the entire country throughoutt the history of the our nation where a court upheld any laww and congress has man dated
12:37 pm
that individuals go out and purchase a product. we have the unprecedented nature of this law on our side. point one and two, the other point made in the 11th circuit. there will be no limits of congressional power to force americans to purchase any product such as an electric vehicle man dated by general motor . liberty itself is on the line in this case in addition to the limited form of and form of government that we inherited under the constitution. it is an incredibly important case. >> where do we go next as the arguments continue to raise the stakes in this debate? >> two possible paths. one is the that the department of the justice will be seeking
12:38 pm
an a full court hearing in front of the 11th circuit and that would lead to the delay of the inevitable and delay a year by the time it gets to the u.s. supreme court . the second path for the department of the justice to appeal to the supreme court and we get the matter before the highest court as soon as possible. we hope that the department of justice and 11th circuit court will agree that it is in the best interest of all americans. >> attorney general abbott. i know this is a debate to rage on. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, uma. >> greatt to see you. one of 2000 motorcyclist riding to honor the victims of 9/11 passed through the cheryl fiandaca and the stopped by the pentagon on the way. it provides scholarship money to the children of first responders. and the shuttle program
12:39 pm
may be over and nasa is gearing up for a new mission. the scoop on a billion dollar mission coming up next. >> and this story takes taking a pot hole to a new level. we'll tell you what happened accident next. also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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>> check out this video. a sink hole swal ode up a suv. a woman and her mother and grand daughter were in and got out safely. a broken water main cause the sink hole . a man hole exploding in boston and it was caught on tape. it happened in the financial districtt. no one was injured but two buildings had to be evacuated. curiosity. that is the name of nasa's newest mars rover. the total cost of the mission 2.5 billion with nasa trying to determine if well is pofential for life on the plannet. casey stegal has more. i love this story because it is the possibility of other life forms out there. >>reporter: it is fascinating
12:44 pm
when you talk about the technology and space exmoration. seven years. remote controlled nasa vehicles have roamed the surface of mars. but there is a new rover that could change the way the mysterous planet is studied. start 2003, space exploration soared to a new level. two mars exploration roverings, opportunity and spirit touched down on thian service. >> think of spirit and opportunity as the geoologist walking around with the hammer. >> is to scout for evidence that life could have existed here. rovers were only energized to last 90 days. sevenyears later, one is still operationnal but a much needed upgrade is coming. >> curosity is weighing about
12:45 pm
a ton and bigger than spirit and opportunity were. >> curiosity has more advanced technology than the predecessor. special laser that can fire a beam and analyze rock samples down to 17 cameras four color high definition. rover is scheduled to launch on thanksgiving day. it will take two billion dollar rover eight months to reach the red planet even with 12ing at speeds at 12,000 miles per hour . lat week, the current rover on mars med news because of a new creator and clay in that crator points to a warmer and wetter history on the red plan yet uma, with the new rover, more is going to be learned and is quite fascinating to see. >> indeed. i can't wait until we get more
12:46 pm
news and documentation and photographs. thank you, casey. >> london police released new video of the deadly riot uk and hope that this will encourage someone to step forward about who the teens are . the days of violence began over a raciall issue . but you wouldn't know that by the way the headlines are reading. is the media too politically correct. we'll talk it out, next. nes ♪ ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ ♪ she was waiting up around the bend ♪ ♪ smile at me and then you take my hand ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, where delicious ingredients like toasted oats, with rich dark chocolate, sweet golden honey, or creamy peanut butter come together in the most perfect combinations. ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ ♪ yah, i was just thinking ♪ i hope this will never end
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c>> watch out for newt. his campaign is about to get moving again. he's comparing his runn up to walmart saying you watch the way we are developing new approaches. and over the next 60 days you will see a campaign that is different. newt is meeting with the maui gop today. he and his wife are cell brating theirr 11th wedding anniversary. he heads to new hampshire on thursday. and two american hikers are sentenced to iran to eight years in prison for spy
12:51 pm
entering the country illegallyy. shane bower and joshua fatal had been held two years. an all out war on gangs and gangs culture. prime minister cameron is crackking down on the rioting. it began over a protest of a youngg black man. many claim that the media is treating the story with kid gloves and refusing to acknowledge that race is a factor. this is liz trota. >> hi, liz. good afternoon, uma. interesting this point of view is raised by thomas sole. that is a black historian and writer and he has written two weeks for national review on what his take on what the coverage of the perception of the riots in london and also
12:52 pm
those that happened in america and i think he specifically refers to attacks of blacks on whites according to chicago, denver and new york and milwaukee and philadelphia and louisiana and even kansas city. but look at what he said as to how these rion thes are portrayied on both sides of the atlantic. he said the squeamish responses to them by officials on both sides of the atlantic reveal the moral dryy rot that has spread deep in to western societies. even when black youth gangs target white strangeros the streets and spew racial hatred as they batter and rob them. mayors and - police chiefs and many don't cover the stories or leaf out the racism involved. sowell goes on to say that politicall correctness is
12:53 pm
behind all of this. the liberal portrait of the oppressed and how poverty is really what the reason for what these people are doing . sowell takes exception to that . he and other conservative have taken it to a new york times editorial this week and a vicious attack on prime minister david cameron who said it is about morality and this is what is missing here and he also said he wanted to bring more cops in and which he did and they came in very late and he also talked about that it is contrary to what the new york times said it is not public gen fits. they need to be in prison . taking pain to point out in the case was sowell and other
12:54 pm
writers. they identify the writers asses black and in britain as a mixture really of blacks and whites and all kines. so that is the take from a different point of the opinion spectrum and it should be a warning to editors and reporters and the like and owners of publicications that they really ought to call what it is . stop being paralyzed by political correctness. >> all right. liz, thank you veryy much. one of the brit britt military plane reportedly crash in a air show in southern england. ministry of defense is investigating the incident and no word on the condition of the pilot. red arrows are famous for the stunts and multicolor vapor
12:55 pm
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>> welcome back everybody, well, bill clinton has come a long way from his white house days of munching on hamburgers fries and barbecues and the
12:59 pm
former president is now calling himself a vegan. he celebrated his 65th birthday and says he's healthier than ever and he doesn't eat meat, dairy or eggs anymore. in 2004. he had quadruple bypass surgery and last year he had angioplasty. well, call it surf therapy, a two day surf clinic for kids, teens and adults with sdablts. and maine native became hooked after losing a leg and it's been up and running for nine years. we're asking if the tea party has fatigue or an impact on the 2012 election. jack on twitter, i think the tea party is just getting started. people are tired of obama and time for him to go. on facebook, betty jane writing, i believe the tea party is here to stay because people are fed up with politics as usual. >> mainstream republicans jumped on the band wagons, thought was all about them. that will do it for me here in


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